Dinosaur Photoshoot Adventure

As a parent you know that the adventure genre has the power to transport our children to another world. Our children’s books, films, and art all ignite their sense of wonder. An Adventure photoshoot is no different. We let your child’s creativity and imagination be realised in a new reality we digitally create. I Wanna Be asks the question to your children; who, where and when do you wanna be? The answers are always amazing.
Is your child dinosaur mad? Then why not join I Wanna Be Studios on a dinosaur photoshoot adventure? Our photoshoot experiences are perfect for Dinosaur fans with a big imagination.
Your little one’s Jurassic Photoshoot begins by suiting up in their dinosaur Ranger uniform. We’ll learn about their favourite dinosaurs and create a series of narratives and scenarios for them to act out. They could be brushing a Tyrannosaurus’s teeth, riding a Velociraptor through a forest or flying through the air on a Pterodactyl! Most kids these days are very familiar with green screen photographic techniques so they’ll quickly let their imagination take over.
The end images will be given our signature blockbuster editing treatment ready for when you return to view and order your child’s photos.

How it works

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Your child’s Jurassic adventure can be booked Thursday to Saturday from 10am till 4pm

Dinosaur Photoshoot

Enjoyed a fun filled photoshoot with our Jurassic Rangers team. 

Viewing Session

Return to view an order your amazing images.